What is Your One Word for the Year?

In the January 2017 Newsletter, I mentioned that the word I intended to focus on for the next 12 months was Gratitude.

I begin each morning with my journal, and in 2017 I started the day by listing three things that filled me with gratitude. Some mornings my gratitude included things as simple as my morning coffee, a comfortable bed to rest and renew my body, the luxury of warm running water that I didn't have to haul or heat for my shower... And other gratitudes included much more complex or personal focus. I have to say it was (and is) a great way to start my day and has become a habit I hope to continue for years to come. I found the whole experience of focusing on Gratitude rather like a snowball effect. I say this because, I found that the more I focused on what I was grateful for, the more I found to be grateful about. I even found myself making notes throughout my day to tuck inside my journal as reminders of gratitude so I would not forget some seemingly small moment that happened when I journaled the next morning.

With my year of actively acknowledging Gratitude, I realized it was time to select a new word for 2018. So, I became curious about how other folks choose a word, and how they keep themselves accountable for 12 months. So, I purchased the book, My One Word by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen to read. I also have a new journal with fresh, clean, crisp, pages at the ready. (I guess you can tell by the description of my journal, that I love fresh new beginnings all full of possibility.)

I think I know what I want my word to be for 2018, but I'm still thinking about it to be sure. However, I am curious if you select a word for your yearly focus? If you do select a word, what is YOUR word for 2018? Please do tell.

And, please come back tomorrow for more conversation on New Year planning ideas and tips. I have some ideas to share that worked for me in 2017, as well as some new things I'm going to try in 2018.

BUT, before you leave, be sure to post your Word for 2018 in the comments.