Preparation and Planning Blog Posts

Yesterday, I shared some time management and organizational tips. Today's subject expands on those categories but focuses primarily on blog planning. I will make this a short post since I realize not everyone maintains a blog. But, for those of you who do have a blog, I think you are going to relate to this post. And, I think you will love the blog planner solution.

Cautionary Tale:

Last year, I started exploring ways I could plan blog posts in advance. I cobbled together a system, and, while it was not perfect, it allowed me to see the benefits of having a plan, as well as the advantage of using an editorial calendar. Unfortunately, life happened, and I spent a few months of unplanned obligations that took me away from my studio, my research, my plan... Guess what got neglected? Yep. My system fell apart because I was writing blog posts as they came up on my make-do editorial calendar. I now know writing and scheduling the posts in advance is a FAR better plan. Lesson learned.

Enter Ultimate Blog Planner:

This year, I found Designer Blogs Studio and their Ultimate Blog Planner. Oh. My. Goodness! Talk about "eye candy"!! Oh la la! These pages are beautiful. I have already been opening the notebook I assembled just to feel like I am confidently in the driver's seat this year. In addition to being beautiful, the forms and planner pages are packed with information to help you plan and schedule your blog posts. I will be scheduling at least one day in the coming weeks completely devoted to planning posts so I can enjoy these pretty pages plan the posts and start writing - in advance. I am looking forward to putting these little beauties into action.

As we are winding down this "series" of planning and organizing, I wanted to pose this question to you. Do you have any planning tools that work for you? Are there areas or topics you would like more information about? Let me know in the comments ... because you know I will be working on my Editorial Calendar in the coming days.

Wishing us ALL a productive 2018! Have fun planning and organizing!