Tuesday Tips: RSS Feeders

I admit that I might be a late bloomer in learning about some technology, so if you already know about RSS Feed Readers, I won't be a bit offended if you stop reading here- I'll never know. But, I wanted to share this little tip because I only recently discovered these useful little "services" in which you organize all the news and web blogs you frequently visit. It compiles all the sites you subscribe to and shows you when there is a new post to read. These readers make for a one-stop reading for current news and your particular interest(s). I find these readers to be a much more effective use of time, as well as a useful means of keeping current on photography tips, new art shows, etc. There are several services out there, like Bloglines, Feedreader, NewsGator....and the list goes on and on. I just happen to use Google Reader because I already had an account set up and because it is very user friendly. So there's my Tuesday Tip: RSS Feed Readers. Use the RSS Feed button on this website to take it on a test drive if you want.