I realize this is not my usual blog post, but this is special sighting I want to share with you. On a recent trip to far west Texas, there was a little critter who blended in with the soil and rocks so well that only his/her movement gave him/her away. This guy is classified as a reptile, and he/she was tiny - maybe the size of a quarter excluding the tail. Do you want to take a look and maybe make a guess? Well, here you go:

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My "Office" Last Week

I love it when my “office” for the week looks like this. Some gals showcase their pedicured feet perched on the lounge chair by the pool. Apparently, hiking boots, snake leggings, and a camera in my hand is the way I roll. LOL!

I made a few (okay, a LOT of) images that I hope to work on next week.

However, on a serious note, the Big Bend area of Texas is in desperate need of rain. So, order up one rain storm, hold the lightning, please.


In March, I had an opportunity to visit the Silicon Valley area of California. I have visited San Francisco, Napa Valley, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles…, but I never made it to this area. Can I tell you a secret? I was really excited because, as you might recall, in 2016 I wrote a blog post about John Steinbeck’s novel Travels with Charley. This was my opportunity to visit some of the places like Monterey, Cannery Row, Salinas, and… wait for it… The National Steinbeck Center. But, I’m getting ahead of myself so I will start at the beginning of the trip.

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Van Morrison Concert

After a comment I made in my monthly newsletter a few months ago, my sweet husband surprised me by securing tickets to the Van Morrison Concert in Las Vegas. I suspect my comment expressing my willingness to empty a retirement account to attend a Van Morrison concert in Ireland, or, alternatively, Santa Fe, New Mexico, may have been an encouraging factor in the spontaneous ticket purchase. Nevertheless, I was going to the concert in Las Vegas, so off we went. We lived in Las Vegas for a few years, but I have not visited since we moved away nineteen years ago. It was fun to return and see all the changes. But, the best part of our visit was going to the concert at Caesars Palace. I even got a few pictures as proof. Thanks for the songs and the memories - old and new.