I think everyone has their own personal battle with fear on some level, but I believe creatives MAY share a few additional fears which sometimes make you want to shove your curiosity and creativity under the rug so you can pretend to be “normal like everyone else” just to avoid all the tired stereotypes of being an artist. 

I worked for many years in a very conservative, business environment. I am grateful for that time because it taught me a great work ethic, working with a deadline, customer relationships, and on, and on. But every time someone started making fun of the arts or artists. I shut down and hid that I was part of the very demographic they were ridiculing. It has taken me years to own the fact that I AM curious about so many things that it sometimes makes my own head spin. I believe that it a good thing. Is it brave to own this creative place of curiosity. I don’t know that answer. I do know that I am learning, creating, exploring,… and I think this may be the best season of my life.

I hope your day is filled with curious moments, and the answers lead to more exploration… It’s a beautiful, never ending cycle my friends. And, don’t forget to create something along the way - even if it’s just for your eyes only. If you don’t want to draw or paint, maybe start a journal and write. Don’t concern yourself with spelling, grammatical correctness, penmanship, or perfection. If you can’t think of something to write about, I challenge you to write down something your curiosity helped you learn. If that isn’t working for you, start with three things, big or small, that you are grateful for today. I guarantee the more you seek, the more you will see.