Colored Pencil Workshop

I really enjoy working with colored pencils. I get in a "zone" and loose all track of time while I'm layering on color. As I mentioned on the Links page, I've been SO fortunate to take workshops from Linda Lucas Hardy. She is an extremely talented artist and very good instructor. I recently attended my third workshop with Linda, in which she taught The Colors of White. I thought it might be fun to show the projects from all three workshops I've attended. The first year was a portrait of a young girl. Portraits strike absolute panic and fear in my inner artist self; you know, like running for the hills kind of panic. But after this class, I opened myself to the possibility that maybe, just maybe with a little practice...

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For those of you who want to use every bit of those colored pencils we spend our hard-earned money on, have I got a tip for you! I’ve tried the old glue trick and ended up with probably just as much glue on my fingertips as the pencil I was gluing. To make matters worse, some of the pencils were not exactly aligned to my “standards”. Well, Ann Kullberg is a colored pencil artist, author and also publishes a magazine for colored pencil artists. She recently started selling these handy-dandy little tools called Glue-it To-it on her website. Genius!