The Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, was born on June 13, 1865. I am a few days late, but his birthday did not conveniently fall on a Monday and it’s all about my carefully orchestrated blog calendar, my friends. You are just going to have to work with me on this one. Now, back to the Yeats quote…

While we are a few days late celebrating his birthday, I did not forget him or this lovely quote. This quote is particularly meaningful to me because that is exactly how I see my photography subjects. It is almost as if some of these subjects are old friends, waiting patiently for me to recognize their presence. When the camera allows me to capture their unique beauty… the way I see that beauty ... Oh. My. GOODNESS! How I love what I do. Creating is the best job E-V-E-R! The world is indeed full of magic things.

I hope you take a few minutes today to appreciate something magical.



Saturday was Steve Jobs' birthday, so here's one of his quotes to ponder you check your mobile device.

Decide the Life we live - Motivational Monday


Happy Monday my friends! This quote reminds me of the game show where you choose what is behind door number 1, door number 2, or door number 3.

Wishing you a week of good, careful choices.