Artist Statement

I began my photography experience in the days of analog. I loved every aspect of developing and printing black and white images, but I shelved my photography exploration while I worked at jobs in the cubicle world for the next 20 years. In 2006, my husband gave me a point and shoot digital camera and endured listening to me lament about the “good ol’ days” of film. I even carried my old film camera from my college days as a “back-up”. I am not sure if it was a sign of protest or security, but, I do know, I was not going to give it up easily. I soon realized how much I missed a camera in my hand, but, oh my, how things changed in that 20-year hiatus. In many ways, I began re-learning photography, but that journey also afforded me the opportunity to enjoy the whole photography experience anew.

Although times and photography have changed, I still believe there are images whose story is heightened when the distraction of color is removed. The images somehow become richer when a full tonal range distills the story down to shapes, forms, lines, light, shadows, and texture.