Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On occasion, I am asked about the availability of my work for purchase. The question is usually couched in “a friend asked me to ask you…” So, I thought I might devote a little website real estate to address the question(s). First, please know that I do not take your support lightly. You honor me with your interest and support. I cannot think of a greater compliment than your enjoyment of my work. For you to consider including it in your collection, or letting me know that it resonated with you, is truly a treasure.


All of the images are available for purchase. All prices will reflect the same price as any gallery representation. In other words, I do not sell at a lower price than the galleries who represent me and my work.

Why don't I discount prices you might ask. Because, I still believe in applying the "Golden Rule" to my life, as well as my business. That's my choice. I would much rather develop a relationship with my valued collectors (you), as well as the businesses that support me.


These are my “special” prints, printed on fine art paper and signed by me. These prints are limited in quantity; or, in the fine art world, Editions. Once the Edition is complete, no more prints of that image will be printed. The Edition size depends on the image, but typically range from 10 to 25 in number. The pricing of Editions depends on the image, as well as the size print of the image. The images selected as Signature Prints will only be available as Signature Prints and will not be sold in other formats. Again, please contact me and let’s work together on the best option that meets your needs. You can send an email through the Contact tab on the navigation tool bar, or suzan@shadesofsiennastudio dot com.


Occasionally, I create photo books of my images and make them available for purchase through Click on the "Books" tab in the navigation tool bar to see what is currently available.


All of the images on the website are copyrighted by me – all rights reserved. My images should not appear online, on your website, be printed, or used in any way unless we have made an agreement and you have written permission from me stating you have permission to use the image. However, if you would like to use any of my images, please contact me using the contact form.


There are a couple of ways to purchase my paintings/drawings. If you would like an original, or a high quality giclee print, please contact me for details. (Trust me, I am not high pressure. I do not bite. But I might yell with excitement that you are interested.) If we can work out something that you want, that fits your budget, well, that makes me happy. If not, hey, we gave it a try. Anyway, just send me an email by clicking on the Contact page on the navigation tool bar, or suzan@shadesofsiennastudio dot com.

I am always in search of the best supplies and vendors to showcase my work with quality products. I think I have a few options that will be convenient, user-friendly, as well as cover a variety of needs. With this commitment to quality in mind, I am sure my process will evolve over time. If your question is not addressed here, or if you have something specific in mind, PLEASE contact me.