Artist Statement

I use my photography to explore subjects hidden in plain view, as well as our relationship with those subjects. My camera becomes the vehicle that allows me to focus on these objects and survey issues that represent change, growth, decay, renewal, abandonment, and a little bit of nostalgia.

I created the Wells of Renewal and Decay as a series that explores the possible stories hidden in the visible marks left on the surfaces of water tanks used for watering livestock on farms and ranches. The abundance of the symbolism of the well and water are multi-layered. On the other hand, these man-made objects, which break the natural landscape, serve a vital, life-sustaining, utilitarian purpose, especially in the agricultural arena. This series of images capture small portions extracted from the water tank surfaces. The results become visually abstract and represent transformations that result from the passage of time, nature, utilization, neglect, and abandonment. These compositions are rich with color, design, texture, and untold stories. The beauty of their states of decay, and the marks left behind, become a lexicon, as well as an elegy to the passage of time, and perhaps a changing way of life.

I have also written a series of blog posts to give you some "behind the photo(s)" background information. The series introduction starts HERE.